£75.00 per delegate (Introductory rate)

(minimum of 5 to a maximum of 12)

What you’ll Learn

  • The holistic benefits of breastfeeding
  • How to support breastfeeding and Relationship building
  • Tips on safe formula feeding

Course Duration

  • One Day


Some parents may choose to return to work whilst their babies are still being breast or formula fed. What is more reassuring for new parents than to have the confidence knowing that their babies’ nutritional needs are adequately met by nursery staff who have gained knowledge and skills in infant feeding and are well placed to offer advice, support or even signpost parents to services that can provide further intervention in relation to infant feeding challenges. The journey towards reducing childhood obesity should start from a very young age.

Research has shown the importance of the role of childcare workers at registered nurseries in supporting exclusive breastfeeding practise. Where mothers returning to work are still breastfeeding, nursery staff can give simple evidence-based advice and information to encourage mothers who may wish to continue breastfeeding longer, to do so. On the other hand, where mothers are returning to work and their babies are formula fed, nursery staff are well placed to carry out safe formula feeding for babies in their nurseries.


  • Nursery employees caring for babies from birth to pre-school
  • Nursery employees who have face to face contacts with mothers
  • Employees who are involved with meeting the nutritional needs of children in their care

What’s in this for Nurseries?

  • Staff will have more skills and knowledge to deal with feeding related issues
  • This training will contribute towards their personal Continuous Professional Development
  • Knowing that nursery staff receive infant feeding training as part of their role, will help inform parents’ decision when choosing a childcare facility for their precious babies

Course Contents

  • Caring for breastfed babies / environment
  • Tips on safe formula feeding
  • Feeding & health complications
  • Responsive feeding – latest research
  • Introducing solids – latest research
  • Signposting in your community