Infant Feeding Training for Childminders and Nannies

£75.00 per delegate

(minimum of 5 to a maximum of 12)

Course Duration

  • One Day


Some parents may to return to work whilst their babies are still being breast or formula fed. What is more reassuring for new parents than knowing that their baby’s nutritional needs are adequately met by their childminder or nanny who has received evidence-based infant feeding training from an Accredited Provider. This training workshop will help to increase their confidence when faced with feeding complications and knowing what actions to take. Infant feeding skills and knowledge can also enhance employability in this competitive environment.

Who this course is for:
  • Childminders and Nannies caring for children from birth up to pre-school age


What’s in this for Childminders and Nannies?
  • Gaining the skills and knowledge to deal with feeding-related issues
  • Gaining a CPD training will contribute towards their personal and professional development
  • The chance to increase your employability

What you’ll Learn

  • Caring for babies who feed on breastmilk
  • Tips on safe formula feeding
  • Feeding & health complications

Course Contents

  • Caring for breastfed babies / environment
  • Tips on safe formula feeding
  • Feeding & health complications
  • Responsive feeding – latest research
  • Introducing solids – latest research
  • Signposting in your community