Under the Equality Act 2010, JPN Public Health Training will encourage disclosures of any disability that may impact delegates’ learning experience.  We will take all necessary steps to ensure inclusivity and fairness in all aspects of our training.

JPN Public Health Training will create an inclusive learning environment and culture where delegates will be empowered to share their learning and experiences.  As part of the ground rules, Respect will be highlighted.  Every delegate must respect one another as adult learners with varying learning styles.

Should JPN Public Health Training receive prior disclosures about a learners’ needs, these will be documented and steps will be taken to promote inclusivity and reduce inequality.

Trainers will be aware of any under-represented groups enrolled on the course and every effort will be made to recognise and provide extra support to reduce any achievement gaps.

Where acronyms are used within training, trainers will ensure the meaning of the acronyms are fully explained.

Trainers will be sensitive to the learning needs of delegates who may be dyslexic including extra time being given during group activities.

Equality and diversity will be promoted throughout training, delegates will be encouraged to share relevant cultural experiences for the purpose of learning.

Materials used will demonstrate diversity.  These will include training dolls, images on slides and relevant information booklets.

JPN Public Health Training has made provision within our evaluation form where delegates can make suggestions about any aspect of the course they wish changed or any suggested topics to be included in future training.